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Cement mortar


(Price is valid from 04.01.2024)

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Price without delivery UAH.

M 75 P8


M100 P8


M150 P8


M200 P8


Delivery around the city:

ZIL dump truck up to 3 m3 - 1500 UAH.

Concrete mixer up to 6 m3 - 2500 UAH.

Cement mortar is a mixture prepared on the basis of cement - the main constituent element of all, without exception, concrete solutions, plaster and masonry mixtures. This material has excellent strength indicators, it is versatile, plastic, affordable and great for use in the construction industry.

The cement-based mortar is used in the construction of brick walls, in the production of concrete, in plastering, in pouring floors and screeds, etc. It consists of: cement, fine aggregate and water. In the production of cement mortar, Beton-Stroy uses high-quality chemical additives that prevent water separation and allow the solution to maintain its plasticity for a long time.

The quality of cement mortar directly depends on the quality of its components and production technology. This is a fairly responsible process, the violation of which can cause the destruction of structures in the future. In addition, it is very important to strictly observe the dosage of the constituent parts of the cement slurry, especially the ratio between the water used and the cement.



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