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(Price is valid from 04.01.2024)

Rubble fraction

Price, UAH. for T.

Crushed stone granite fraction 5-20mm.


Crushed stone granite fraction 20-40mm.




Quartzit road crushed stone 0-40mm


  Delivery of rubble in the city and region

Transportation volume


Delivery cost in Kharkov UAH.

Shipping cost in the region UAH.

up to 4m3



20 UAH km (one way)

up to 8m3

Kamaz dump truck


50 UAH km (one way)

up to 12m3

Euro Kamaz dump truck 15t.


50 UAH km (one way)

up to 16m3

Euro Kamaz dump truck 20 t.


50 UAH km (one way)

up to 20m3

Euro Kamaz dump truck 25 tons.


50 UAH km (one way)

Crushed stone is a material that is obtained by crushing rock. The most common rock used in construction is granite, but rubble is often obtained when crushing gravel and boulders.

The main technical characteristics of rubble obtained from natural stone materials are:

  • frost resistance;
  • strength;
  • radioactivity;
  • true, bulk and average density;
  • water saturation and water absorption;
  • the quality of the grain composition.

Additional properties of rubble from natural stone materials include:

  • the content of additives and harmful impurities;
  • quality level of adhesion with bitumen.

All materials sold by Beton-Stroy are suitable for all construction works, without exception, which in turn is confirmed by the quality certificates and conclusions of the sanitary-epidemiological service. This means that all rubble that is supplied by our company to construction sites belongs to the 1st class of radioactivity (<370 Bq / kg).

Depending on the size of grains of crushed stone, it is divided into main and accompanying fractions. Crushed stone belonging to the 5–20 mm fraction is most popular; crushed stone from the 5–15 mm fraction is used less frequently. Granite rubble belonging to fractions of 40–70 mm, 25–60 mm, 20–60 mm and 20–40 mm is also in demand, especially when building and repairing railways, road pads, tram lines, and laying the foundations of buildings. Crushed stone is the most demanded of all stone materials of natural origin used in construction.


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