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(Price is valid from 04.01.2024)

Sand (Bezlyudovsky quarry)

Count Cubes

Mountain sand

(Price, UAH.)

Washed sand

(Price, UAH.)


3 m3




4.5 m3




7 m3



Kamaz dump truck 10t

8 m3



Kamaz dump truck 10 tons.

9 m3



KAMAZ dump truck (extended boards)

10 m3



Euro Kamaz dump truck 15 t

11 m3



Euro Kamaz dump truck 15 t

12 m3



Euro Kamaz dump truck 15 t

18 m3



Euro Kamaz dump truck 20 t

23 m3



Euro Kamaz dump truck 25 t

Sand is one of the most commonly used materials in construction. The company "Beton-Stroy" sells several types of sand, which will be discussed below.

Washed sand - is extracted by the method of hydromechanization, by washing the usual pit sand. This type of material is widely used in residential construction and in the process of concrete production. It has a high filtration rate, contains an insignificant concentration of clay and aleuritic particles, and its grain size varies from 1.8 to 2.5 mm.

Career sand is very widely used in the construction industry, due to its low cost. This is a mixture of small grains of various mineral rocks (size in the range of 0.15-5 mm).

Construction sand is mined by the open-pit method at Bezludovsky mine. The sand size module is fine-grained (in accordance with the standards), and the filtration coefficient is not more than 3 meters. This material contains much more silt and clay particles than washed sand.

Career sand is used in the construction of roads and homes. It is very much in demand at works of the zero cycle, as well as in the manufacture of various construction solutions, since clay inclusions make the mixture more plastic.


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