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Lime solution


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Lime solution


Delivery on the city of ZIL to 3 m3 - 700 UAH.

Lime mortar made from lime, or lime-lime, is most often used for internal plastering. The most common mix ratio is 1 to 3. A solution made from natural hydraulic lime (ground or slaked) is used for exterior and interior plastering, especially when the building is exposed to moisture.

Unlike a solution of hydrated lime, a solution prepared using ground hydraulic lime hardens faster. It is kneaded at the rate of 250 kg of lime per 1 cubic meter of sand. To carry out the laying in the winter period, a solution prepared from artificial ground hydraulic lime, which has the ability to quickly combine with water, is often used. This kind of mortar very quickly sets and is not suitable for plastering works, because after drying it becomes rather dense, it does not let the air through.

Lime mortar for finishing plastering work is made from fine river or quarry sand (1 cubic meter) and lime paste, prepared on the basis of hydrated lime (140 to 210 kg). This solution is used for interior decorating, but if the building is affected by moisture, then in the process of preparing lime mixture, hydraulic lime is used (250 kg per 1 cubic meter of sand).

The amount of cement in the cement-lime mortar depends on the purpose of the mortar. Most often it is used in the process of internal plastering, but there are situations where it is excellent for external plastering, for example, on stairwells. For plastering of staircases, cement-lime mortar is prepared at the rate of 100 kg of cement per 140 kg of lime, and to perform plastering of walls and ceilings at the entrances - 60 kg of cement per 140 kg of lime. To perform plastering work on a wire mesh, such a solution is prepared in the proportion of 50 kg of cement and 120-140 kg of lime per 1 cubic meter of sand. For the preparation of cement-lime mortar, designed to perform exterior plastering, in 1 cubic meter of finishing lime mortar add 100 kg of cement.


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