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Polystyrene concrete


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Polystyrene concrete (Betolight)

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Polystyrene concrete in Kharkov is a relatively new material; nevertheless, in a rather insignificant period it gained considerable popularity. Such demand in the performance of construction work is primarily due to the fact that this material has a low thermal conductivity, lightness and other technical qualities that are advantageously distinguished from a mass of analogues.The price of expanded polystyrene depends on the brand and is indicated in the price list per m3.

Polystyrene concrete is a material consisting of cement mortar and filler - polystyrene. For the production of used polystyrene foam in the form of granules, which gives the cement stone a porous structure. Air-entraining additives and modifiers are also introduced into the solution, which eliminates the ascent of polystyrene. In the process of solidification, the material forms a structure of closed air cells. That is why it has good thermal insulation performance in combination with increased strength.

Use and material features

The affordable cost of expanded polystyrene (advanced, insulated concrete) makes this material popular. But he has other advantages, causing widespread.

The material is used in monolithic concreting, as well as for insulating vertical and horizontal surfaces - roofs, attics, load-bearing walls, partitions. In addition, it is suitable for the manufacture of prefabricated elements - blocks, slabs, wall concrete elements.Concrete of different density and with different characteristics are distinguished: frost resistance, resistance to compression, tensile strength. In accordance with the properties and select the material for different tasks.

The main advantages of polystyrene are:

  1. High noise insulation and low thermal conductivity.
  2. Low density.
  3. Polystyrene concrete belongs to slow-burning materials. Even with the complete burnout of polystyrene, which is almost impossible, given the low thermal conductivity of this insulating material, its compressive strength will remain almost unchanged.
  4. A building erected from polystyrene concrete blocks, after facing with bricks or plastering, is considered to be a fire resistance category 1, therefore, plastered polystyrene concrete blocks are suitable for erecting tall buildings (up to 25 floors).
  5. Polystyrene concrete belongs to moisture-resistant materials. The mass ratio of moisture in polystyrene concrete does not exceed 8%, while at that moment, as in cellular concrete, it is 12–22%.
  6. Polystyrene concrete withstands from 50 to 100 cycles of freezing and thawing, which allows its use for the manufacture of enclosing structures.
  7. Polystyrene concrete is a biostable heat-insulating material, it is not a breeding ground for the existence of various microorganisms. It does not rot, and also does not attract rodents, which is a very important factor in the construction of buildings and buildings of agricultural orientation.


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