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The company "Betonstroy" understands what an important stage in the life of our customers is the construction of an object, be it a multi-storey building of a large construction company or a small extension in private construction. And it is very important that this stage goes smoothly, as they say, “without a hitch.” Years of experience in the market of production and wholesale of construction materials allows our company to navigate in all the intricacies and pitfalls that may arise during the construction, delivery and unloading of materials at the customer's site.

Our experts will professionally advise you on all technical issues related to the selection, loading, delivery and unloading of building materials that the company produces and sells to Betonstoy. We will help you find the optimal use of materials for your technical task, which will allow you to save money and be confident in the reliability of your structures.

We are always there, call the contact numbers and we will be happy to answer any questions that interest you.

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