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Delivery of concrete in Kharkov and region

The company "Betonstroy" delivers various building materials within the city of Kharkiv and the region, such as concrete mixes, lime mortars, polystyrene concrete, cement concrete products and bulk materials. Having a large private fleet of vehicles, our company can guarantee exceptionally timely delivery to the facilities according to a schedule approved with the customer. Modern navigation systems installed on our vehicles allow us to control the delivery from the moment of loading the material to unloading at the facility at the end user.

We offer concrete with delivery : the transportation service of the finished concrete solution is already included in the price.Each batch of concrete is controlled for compliance with the brand, and a certificate is issued based on the results of laboratory tests. It is also possible to transport concrete for winter construction: the inclusion of special antifrosty chemical additives increases the cost of the solution by 5 or 10% (for temperature conditions -5 and -10, respectively).

Features of concrete transportation

Proper transportation of concrete - a pledge that the solution retains all its qualities and will remain homogeneous until it reaches from the plant to the site. All sorts of violations of the technology of transportation are fraught with the loss of commercial properties: the mixture can stratify, that is, the cement milk will rise up, and the large filler will settle. Stratified concrete cannot be used in the construction process: it will be necessary to organize its mixing directly at the site, and this is a waste of time and an increase in labor intensity. It is also not recommended to transport the concrete mix for more than 50 minutes without mixing, as this may lead to the mortar setting. Concrete, which has already begun to harden, is unsuitable for further use.

We carefully select the method of transportation of concrete to prevent any stratification or seizure. Therefore, it is so important to know where the construction site is located: our specialists will make a route, calculate the transportation time and select the necessary transport. The maximum delivery time is determined for each concrete brand separately. It is also mandatory to take into account the temperature of the air during transportation and other weather conditions.

Delivery of concrete (Kharkiv) is carried out by truck mixers or dump trucks. Truck mixers are used for the transportation and unloading of ready-mixed concrete, and lean concrete is transported on dump trucks. Transportation by truck mixer is the best option for light concrete, if the whole process of transportation lasts more than 30 minutes. Inside such an installation are screw blades, which provide mixing of the solution along the entire route. In this case, the concrete is not stratified and maintains uniformity.

Concrete delivery by a mixer is also possible. This allows you to maintain the homogeneity and plasticity of the mixture throughout the route. In this case, there is a constant mixing of the solution during transportation, so that its premature hardening is impossible. If the mixture after delivery will immediately fit into the prepared formwork, it is advisable to use concrete pumps. This technique allows you to quickly unload the concrete solution directly into the formwork without intermediate overloads. Thereby, the process of concreting is accelerated and the quality of the mortar and its uniformity are fully preserved.

It is even possible to deliver concrete 1 cu . In any case, the cost depends on the type of concrete, the duration of transportation (distance of the object) and the need for the introduction of antifreeze or plasticizing agents.

The advantages of our company

The company “Beton Stroy” has concrete mixers with a volume from 6 to 9 m3, dump trucks with a loading capacity from 5 to 40 tons, a truck-mounted concrete pump based on Mercedes, a stationary concrete pump WAITZINGER, truck cranes with a loading capacity from 20 to 50 tons. This fleet allows you to provide partners with a full range of services related to the transportation of goods and goods, and their unloading on construction sites. The company "Betonstroy" continues to expand and update the vehicle fleet of the enterprise in accordance with modern requirements.

Choosing concrete in Kharkov with delivery , you get a solution of guaranteed high quality. We will bring any amount of concrete to the construction site within the city and beyond. Contact: for wholesale buyers there are special attractive prices.

Why is it profitable with us?

We have on concrete delivery price from 980 hryvnia cube. Both large and small developers of Kharkov prefer to work with us, and here's why:

  1. Always in stock all brands of concrete, from B7.5 (M100) to B30 (M400).
  2. We produce concrete according to a special recipe and carefully control the quality of all components of the mixture. We maintain the necessary dosages so that you get really first-class and reliable concrete.
  3. We use in production proven granite and gravel crushed stone, as well as washed sand.
  4. We guarantee a low price of concrete, even with the purchase of minimum volumes.
  5. We provide fast delivery - both throughout the city and within the region.
  6. We supply the concrete solution with accompanying documents, and we are obligatory to carry out mobility tests. We complete the party with a quality passport and a certificate of conformity.
  7. All prices are clearly fixed by the price and do not change in the process of cooperation.
  8. You can pay the order upon unloading.

The majority of large developers of Kharkov cooperates with us. Concrete of our production is used both for private cottages and for high-rise residential buildings. Address - we will provide the best prices for solution with delivery!